Ken Words

For me, in 2021 my “giving up” will be more than French Fries or Ketchup. I will strive to “give up” specific viewpoints. In short, here’s what I pray my Lenten Journey will afford.

1. To see my glass half full, rather than half empty.
2. To speak words of kindness or not speak at all.
3. To understand that Jesus wants a lot more than my money, and that my vision about money must be in line with his vision of it.
4. To speak the truth in love…no matter the consequence.
5. To care about my neighbor as I do myself.
6. To be an ambassador for Christ.
7. To focus on the life of Jesus so that the “fruits of his spirit” will grow within me.
8. To value all people and their spirits. To refuse to “buy into” what the “cancel culture” is selling.
9. To understand that the cross is a place where the ground beneath it is always level and all people are the same to God.
10. To come to the cross and see it as a gift.
11. To understand that salvation is free, but discipleship will cost me.
12. Being a disciple is my goal…not merely to believe.

To accomplish this will mean “giving up” some big portions of myself. But the journey to a cross requires significant, inward reflection that does more on Easter Sunday than say, “Golly, I’m glad there’s an Easter!”

Think about it as we journey together to the cross. The journey begins on February 17, 2021. The journey to the cross of Calvary is a sacred walk.

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