Putting Faith and Love into Action

The Church and Youth may be best known for the pumpkin sales on the front lawn every October that support our Youth Missions. But youth is so much more!    Winter, spring, summer and fall we are busy with our youth program. 

Throughout the school year, middle and high school youth meet weekly for fun, fellowship and further exploring their relationship with God.  In addition to meeting weekly, there are weekend events like Revolution, a trip to Snowbird and of course the United Methodist Boys and Girls Basketball tournament during the school year.  

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Middle School

Meets on Wednesday at the Church from 6:00 to 7:00 pm

Open to all 6th-8th grade students, we gather at the Church for some  fellowship, fun and games, and an opportunity to encourage each other during small groups.  These groups are divided by grade and gender and facilitated by wonderful high school youth.  

In addition to Wednesdays, there is a weekly Sunday School class for Middle Schoolers as well.  The Sunday School Class is taught by a parent, adult youth leader or Youth Director, David Boudolf. 

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High School

Meets on Sunday at the Church from 5:00pm to 6:00ish

Each Sunday we gather for some time of fellowship over a meal, a fun and usually competitive game, and an opportunity to encourage each other during small groups. This group is open to all 9th-12th grade students. Our small groups are divided by grade and facilitated by some wonderful adults.   

We also have Sunday School in the mornings for High Schoolers as well.  This class is typically lead by a adult leader or David.  This is a good class for kids as they become young adults to explore the Bible and how it applies to their everyday life.

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Summer Servant Tour!

Once school has let out, the Service begins.  Every summer we focus on serving others in what has become known as the Servant Tour!    We like to think that putting Faith and Love into Action is a 365 day a year mission.  

Bench Warmers

The Middle School Youth travel to a city with a major league baseball team. The draw is the baseball game but the youth soon realize the best part of the trip is serving others. We have worked with ministries and people in Atlanta, Miami, Washington, DC, Tampa, and Boston. The whole trip centers around middle school youth preparing themselves for when God calls then to serve.


Salkehatchie Summer Service is a group of camps all over the state of South Carolina where youth over the age of 14 repair homes. For the past several years we are participated in the Shaw/Dalzell camp outside of Sumter, SC. The days are long and hot but through all the sweat and sores, youth experience the wonder of God by finding they have the energy and skills needed to fix the homes. Plus, bringing joy and hope to the homeowner is a real blessing.

Mission Trips

Every other summer (even numbered years) the High School Youth participate in an international mission trip. Over the years we have traveled to Belize (four times), Ecuador, and Costa Rica. On all the trips we work along side a community helping them accomplish tasks that they see as important. Most of the youth find spiritual fullness of those in the community we visit because of their trust and faith in Jesus. The trip often open our youth eyes to the blessings they have received and the responsibility they have to the world community.


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