January means it’s Camp Meeting time


A relaxed atmosphere, old-time hymn singing and personal testimonies characterize the January worship services at John Wesley. Worshippers are encouraged to dress casually, submit their choices of favorite hymns to sing and hear about the power of Jesus Christ in the lives of fellow Christians.

John Wesley camp meetings feature testimonials from members – a highly anticipated segment of the service. Members offering testimonials this month will be

Jan 9      Lee Metz

Jan 16   Callie Costa

Jan 23    Bill Moody

Jan 30    Marilyn Willis

Visitors are always welcome to join the services which have their roots in early Methodism of  18th century America.

The original camp meetings usually took place in rural areas during the summer. People would travel great distances and set up tents to stay for a few days and listen to preaching. Francis Asbury, who saw camp meetings as vital to Methodist evangelism, wrote in a letter dated December 2, 1802, saying the purpose was “To collect such a number of God’s people together to pray and the ministers to preach, and the longer they stay, generally the better.” Asbury considered the camp meetings as “fishing with a large net,” citing Matthew 4:19

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