Nursery Office Room 106
Toddlers Room 104


2 Year Olds Room Room 108
3 Year Olds Room Room 105
Kindergarten I (4 years) Room 102
Kindergarten II (5 years) Room 111


1st Grade Room 213
2nd Grade Room 206
3rd Grade Room 204
4th grade Room 205
5th Grade Room 207


Middle School (6 - 8) Room 212
High School (9 - 12) Room 221
Confirmation Room 210


We are pleased to offer a variety of adult Sunday School classes, where we connect to learn, serve, and socialize together. Please join us at 9:45AM each Sunday.


The Brian Moody Class offers a chance for young adults ages 18-30 to study bible-based lessons with some real world perspective and experience added. Led by Rick Jones, this class offers a place for college students, recent graduates, and young adults to gather on Sunday mornings. With a casual feel and welcoming environment, this class is perfect for any young adult looking for a Sunday School home. The Brian Moody Class meets in Room 220.


Alpha means beginning. Members of this class are beginning new life experiences, new relationships, new families.  This group includes those  married and single, those with children and those without.  They offer a home for young adults, college-age to late  40's.  They meet  and using the Christian Lectionary, engage and relate biblical studies to current topics and relevancy in today's world.  They also participate in a variety of outreach/help projects such as Habitat For Humanity, Seeds of Hope and Water Mission International.  A casual atmosphere complete with laughter, you can find them meeting in Room 211.


Made up of singles and married couples, this class' age range is  30's to 50's.   Married couples have children from newborn to college-age.  They enjoy Bible-based lessons each week   as well as a monthly mission project or social event.  They spend time together actively participating in the many ministries of JWUMC, in service and in fellowship.  You are invited  to become a part of this dynamic group of adults as they seek to live out their faith and the teachings of Jesus.  They meet in Room 217/219.  


The Thackston Class  consists of mostly married couples ages ranging from mid-40's to almost 60.  They are married, single, with children and without.   A team of class members serves as teachers utilizing  Biblically-based  lessons to inform contemporary issues and daily life.   They feature a casual atmosphere and enjoy lively discussions.  They stay busy planning social events for the entire family and coordinating  various outreach fundraisers and actively participate in the ongoing ministries of JWUMC .  Find them, with welcoming arms, meeting in  Room 201.


The name Chi Rho is the Christian monogram and symbol formed from the first two letters (X and P) of the Greek word for Christ—called also Christogram. The Chi Rho Class has been around for 35+ years. Members range in age from 55-70.  They have a weekly attendance of 40-50 members, giving newcomers an opportunity to engage  many new faces.  Gifted members volunteer to teach on a rotating basis.  Chi Rho Class enjoys a monthly social and sometimes gathers for special projects and service/ fundraising events.  Favorite  social events for this class are kayak trips, oyster roasts, and the annual Christmas social.  A diverse group who form a Christian family and strongly support each other and JWUMC, this class welcomes visitors to come and see for themselves!   They meet in Room 209.


Members of  Red Williams boasts that the little children in their  families are all ‘grands.’ Membership includes couples and singles, and new members are always welcome. Weekly  Bible-based lessons are from the Adult Bible Series,  published by Cokesbury  Publishing  and are taught by dedicated members of the class.  Members participate in many of the church-wide ministries and mission projects available at JW as well as monthly  social event/parties.  Not only do they support JW; they have fun doing so!   Lively, vibrant, go-go  Senior Citizens make up this group staying in close, prayerful touch with each other via internet and social media.  Please join them for  caring fellowship and peer-led lessons vital for spiritual formation.   Their credo is  "On Christ the solid rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand." Meet them each Sunday in the Parlor, Room 125.  


This class is comprised of the older Senior Adult population of JW.  They include charter members and those who joined John Wesley in the early years of its formation.  Wesley Altman is a small class actively engaged and supportive of the worship and ministries of the church.  Their history is rich, beginning as a Young Adult Class, they have fulfilled the leadership roles of the past and now empower and support the growth of JW's future.  Many have raised their families in this congregation and have watched the continuation of the generations of JW members.  Because of their rich history, knowledge and faithfulness over the years, they are celebrated as mentors and role models.    They are vibrant and "young at heart".  A group of gifted adult teachers lead the class on a rotating basis.  They are a loving, caring, and fun-loving group who welcome all who want to join them.  They meet in Room 109.


This class of Senior Adults (ages 60-80) are the builders of JW; they are couples and singles  meeting to grow in faith and support one another.  Weekly Sunday school lessons rely heavily on the Bible-based  International Lesson Series.  Emphasis is placed on faith formation and Christian outreach to local selected charity organizations and to individuals and families often overlooked by other benevolent groups.  Each month they gather over a meal for a business/social meeting.  They meet in  Room 203.


The Sunday Seminar is a mixed age group that meets weekly at 9:45 A.M. during the Sunday
School hour and features a new study each calendar quarter. The purpose of the seminar is
to offer participants a round-table discussion of topics and issues of mutual interest. 
Instead of concentrating on Bible study, the group selects various resources for
foundational, textual information. A discussion-oriented format follows for the sharing of Christian
ideas and beliefs. Books that are used vary from traditional writings to challenging selections. 
The intent being to offer a wide variety of topics that will generate in-depth discussion. 
The thrust of this somewhat academic approach is to offer diverse and challenging
philosophies beyond what is typically be offered in a traditional adult Sunday School. 


Join us for a day, for a week, or for forever. Hope is alive!