As we move through Lent, we are approaching the holiest season of the year — Holy Week and Easter Sunday. Join us at John Wesley as we experience the passion of Christ and the renewal that Easter Sunday morning brings. Special services and activities may be somewhat altered because of the pandemic but the significance of this special time has never been more important for Christians everywhere.

Join us and be part of the reflection and renewal that this holy season brings.


Holy Week – Psalm Sunday (March 28) through Easter Sunday ( April 4th)

Maundy Thursday – April 1st – 7 PM

We will observe Holy Communion in the Leisure Ministries Room on Maundy Thursday, April 1, 2021.

The method of receiving communion will be adapted to follow the health guidelines that we have respected for the past year. There will be two stations at the front. Those providing the elements will wear latex gloves and masks. The bread will be given to each person coming forward, and then each person will select a small communion cup from the tray and partake. There will be receptacles for you to dispose of the individual cups.

Each person coming for communion should come with a mask on. You may lower your mask to eat the bread and drink the juice. Please observe social distancing while coming to the Altar. We will give instructions for how all may approach the altar during the service which begins at 7:00 p.m.

At the conclusion of the Maundy Thursday service, the altar will be stripped and the central cross draped in black.

Good Friday – April 2 

Youth Cross-Walk – 6-7 PM   

As they have done every Good Friday, the youth will be doing a cross walk for a short way down Savannah Highway prior to the Good Friday service. This exercise is a potent reminder to the passers-by of the sacrifice that Jesus made to redeem us from our sins.

All youth are invited to participate. The cross-walk is organized by David Boudolf, Director of Youth Ministries.

Tenebrae Service – 7 PM

The Good Friday service of readings and reflections on Tenebrae will be held in the Leisure Ministries Room.

Tenebrae is the Latin word meaning “darkness.”

The service involves a segmented reading of the story of the trial, sentencing, execution, death, and burial of Jesus from the book of John. After each segment of the story is read, a candle is extinguished. After the fifteenth reading, which confirms that Jesus had died on the cross, the last of the 15 lit candles may be extinguished or taken away, and a loud sound may be made to indicate the effect of the death of Jesus on the universe. The final story of the burial is read in near darkness, with the only light being used by the reader. (Source:

Worshipers leave in silence to ponder the impact of Christ’s death and await the celebration of the coming Resurrection.

Easter Sunday – April 4

There will be no Sunday School on Easter Sunday.   Services in the LMR will be held at 8:30, 9:45 and 11:00 on Easter Sunday morning.

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