Pumpkin Patch successThe pumpkin patch at John Wesley closed on October 29th. Nearly all the pumpkins were gone in a record-setting year for sales that will net more than $24,600 for youth mission projects.

David Boudolf, the director of Youth Ministries, sent this message of thanks to all who had participated as well as those who purchased pumpkins this year.

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.  We have officially closed the 2020 John Wesley Pumpkin Patch.  So if you are signed up to sell today Friday or Saturday no need to come.  We thank everyone who took time to help with the patch.  

What is so amazing about this fundraiser is Pumpkin Patch USA does not require us to send in $1 until the patch closes.  For every pumpkin we sell we get to keep 40%.  Our goal is always to sell at least $30,000 and we have done that all but one year (the year we had a hurricane in October) since 2010.  The money we collect helps support our High School Youth on international mission trips, Salkehatchie, Middle School Youth to Benchwarmers, and we are able to support local mission work like Home Works and Star Gospel Mission.
Also the pumpkin patch is so much more than a fundraiser.  We had so many people step on our property and interact with members of our congregation who sold pumpkins.  So many people in the area refer to us as the pumpkin church and know where we are located.  It is my hope that they also know us as a church full of Christ Disciples and that we love and serve the community where we live and the world.  So as you share the success of the pumpkin patch this year please share what the money does because that is the real success of this year’s pumpkin patch.  
While the youth were unable to go on an international mission trip this year because of the pandemic, they did local mission work assisting homeowners and organizations with needed repairs and lawn work on their property.