The daily prayers and online services continue.  Plans are underway for a possible return to in-person worship in the sanctuary on Sunday, June 21st.  Help us plan by taking this quick survey.

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John Wesley UMC has an active Facebook following. But now those who do not belong to Facebook can also hear daily prayers and watch video messages and worship services from John Wesley UMC on YouTube.  The YouTube channel ( is available to anyone with computer or mobile connection.

Members of the congregation are invited to record short prayers and send the videos to David Boudolf ( who will upload them to YouTube.

A message from Pastor Mike

April 29, 2020
Dear Fellow Members,
Well, here we are at the end of April and what a strange and different month it has been for all of us. Honestly, when all of this began back in March, I never envisioned living through what we are living through for this long. But here we are, at the end of April, still having to make decisions as to what to do in order to keep ourselves and others safe and well.
We have seen glimmers of hope that we are moving back to normal, though we are not yet sure what that is going to look like. Though there has been much debate and discussion as to the safety of such actions, our Governor has eased some of the restrictions he had put into place. Some stores are reopening. Our communities up and down the South Carolina coast are debating the possibility of reopening the beaches. Yet, at the same time, we have decided that it is safer for our children for schools to be closed for the rest of this academic year.
One question before us is when we will resume our onsite activities at John Wesley. It is a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, all of us, myself included, would love to be able to gather back together again; to see each other, to physically worship together, and to learn and grow together. Yet, any decision to resume onsite activities has to have as its major consideration the safety of all of you and others. Yesterday, the Church Staff/Church Leadership Team met and discussed this issue.
Unfortunately, we all agree that we are just not yet at the point where we can safely resume onsite activities. Along with this, our Bishop in South Carolina, Jonathan Holston, on Monday issued a recommendation that all churches maintain a suspension of onsite activities through May 20th. With these two factors in mind, we have made the decision to continue our suspension of all onsite activities through May 20th, unless circumstances clearly show us we can do otherwise.
I know this is disappointing and we certainly wish that things could be different. But I want you each to know that, in spite of this, our church is not closed. We continue to find ways to be in ministry and mission to you, to our community, and to our world. We continue to be committed to making sure that the Blessing Boxes in West Ashley are filled with food for those who have need. For those who want the May/June edition of the Upper Room Devotional, they are placed in a rack outside the sanctuary main entrance for you to pick up. Our Children’s Ministry Prayer Team continues to meet and serve by Zoom. And I certainly hope you have seen the video of our children praying the Lord’s Prayer on Face Book. Our Youth continue to meet by Zoom, including a time for the parents to meet as well. We are working on a Virtual Choir Video as well as a Virtual Children’s Choir video. We are hosting a Zoom Bible study and several Sunday School Classes continue to meet by Zoom as well. And, of course, we continue to worship each Sunday at 10:00 am by Face Book and YouTube.
My hope and prayer is that we all stay safe and well and that we will soon be able to be with each other physically again. If you have any need or know of anyone who has a need please contact us by phone, text, or email and let us know. May God bless each of you with grace, love, and peace!
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Mike