Come experience a Moravian Love Feast at our noon service on Christmas Eve. The service will include delicious local pastries and hot cider during worship as an act of love and community, celebration and devotion.

John Wesley, founder of Methodism, had a unique bond with the Moravians as they helped him in his faith formation. To this day, many Methodist churches celebrate Christmas through the borrowed tradition of the Moravian Love Feast. (Note that communion will not be served at this service, but there will be a drop-in communion in the Chapel from 10:30 to 11:15am and a Candlelight and Communion service at 7pm if you would like to partake in the sacrament on Christmas Eve.)

The first Love Feast happened after a memorable celebration of the holy communion, when several participants “continued to talk over the great spiritual blessing which they had experienced and were reluctant to separate and return to their own homes for the noonday meal. Count Zinzendorf, sensing the situation, sent them food from his manor house, and each group partook together, continuing in prayer, religious conversation, and the singing of hymns. This incident reminded Zinzendorf of the primitive agape [meal] , and the idea was fostered until love feasts became a custom in Moravian life” (

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